Charter Date:  30-Aug-2016

Tonic: Rotary Hamilton After Five was chartered in November 2016 and is made up of both seasoned and new Rotarians who were looking for a different model of Rotary that would fit their busy lifestyle.

Tonic: Rotary Hamilton After Five honours the 114 year traditions of Rotary International, but with a twist. Meeting times and formats have been modified to adapt to today’s new business culture. Tonic is more flexible and streamlined than more traditional Rotary clubs. We meet only twice a month and we meet after work for only one hour. We are effective and efficient focusing on outcomes more than ceremony. We want to get the job done without the distraction of traditional rituals, while still honouring the Four Way Test and enjoying Rotary fellowship.

We are results oriented and while we shy away from pomp we embrace the traditional values of Rotary while adapting Rotary to the 21st century.

We are small but mighty and for that reason we are looking for members who will be engaged and focused and ready to hit the ground running through meaningful and effective contributions.

List of Past Presidents

2016-17: Cynthia Janzen

2017-18: Chelsea Crealock

2018-19: Julie Shea

2019-20: Larry Szpirglas

2020-21: Matteo Patricelli / Cynthia Janzen

2021-22: Paul Finnerty

President-elect: Michael Kouassi