New Years Message

Posted By Paul Finnerty

As we enter a new calendar year its hard to focus on anything other than the impacts of Covid-19 and the Omicron variant on our daily lives. It is, however, key that we all maintain a positive outlook as we direct our energy towards helping those who are less able than we are to cope with their daily lives, let alone fight a pandemic on top of it. We need to lead by example, and do whatever we can to assist our community in working their way through this difficult time.

We have made great progress over the past year in extending the reach of our small Club and plan to continue this in 2022. One of the promising areas we are working on is assisting the start-up of a satellite club in Botswana. It’s truly amazing what can be done over long distances through the power of technology. Bringing this project to fruition will not only assist in the personal growth of the satellite club members, but also in spreading the word on the work of Rotary on the African continent. Our Rotary Advisors team also continues its good work, and we have become the District leader on the subject of Scholarship Grants. These areas of success help round out the overall focus of the club this year, which is ‘Food Security’. We will continue to build on our support for community fridges, food banks, charity farm work, and related areas and look to increase our impact.

In order to meet our Club goals a critical challenge for the Club is building our ‘bench strength’ for the future. We already have our Executive team identified for next year, however we need to add new members that can help build our knowledge, ability, and impact. For anyone reading this message who has a potential new member in mind please feel free to reach out to Cynthia Janzen who can assist you.

I am privileged to be a member of such a dynamic Club and thank all our members for their hard work and dedication

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